Upcoming Events

   October 1, Sunday   Altar Rosary Society Communion Breakfast -
     After the 8 AM Mass
  Blessings of the Pets - 1 PM  (behind the Petra House)
     Donations will be given to the Plainfield Humane Society.
   October 11, Wednesday   Parish Mass Calendar for 2018 - opens after the 7 AM Mass
   October 14, Saturday   Oktoberfest - after the 5 PM Mass
   October 15, Sunday   Children's Liturgy and Craft - at the 10:00 am Mass
   October 14-15, Saturday, Sunday   Food Collection for FISH
   October 22, Sunday   New Parishioners Welcome Mass & Presentation
     Informational Presentation following the 10 AM Mass
   October 21-22, Saturday, Sunday   OLMV NJ Right to Life, 2017 Car Raffle and Shop Rite Tickets Sale -
     after Mass